Monday, November 20, 2017


I was away at the weekend at Kirriemuir in Angus for a 28mm Italian Wars event.  Over the 2 days 14 gamers attended.  The concept which was based on the classic game Kingmaker was developed by James Roach who along with Steve Rimmer supplied the bulk of figures.  Most of the terrain came from Steve’s collection.  The game was set up over 5 12ft to 20ft long tables 6 feet wide representing all of Italy.
Venice the Serene Republic with a secret weapon
I played the King of France and Chris Henry was the King of Spain we each had a subordinate player of our nationality.  The other players represented the various Italian states and at the start of each session of play they had to declare as allies of France or Spain.  You could only fight someone in the rival alliance. This led to much Machiavellian plotting and changing of allegiances over the weekend.  Towns and cities provided revenue to their occupiers at the end of each turn.  This was used to buy new units, rebuild under-strength units and for general corrupt acts.  The winning player was the one who had the most cash in their bank at the end of game.
 Da Vinci's mobile artillery fort - it was transported by sea to southern Italy to strike terror into the Doge's enemies
The tactical part of the game was based on a simplified version of Pike and Shot which James developed.  The biggest change to the rules was that he did away with the P&S command system so that units could always move but they only could make 1 move a turn with a dice bonus.  All units had some chance of rolling of disorder at the start of the turn based on their quality.
Mighty push of pike - it was ended by a bribe to the commander of the Swiss
It was a truly enjoyable colourful weekend and the rules developed by James worked well and were easily picked up by all the players.   My thanks to James who acted as the hard working rules umpire and provided the inspiration,  organisation and lots resources for the very enjoyable game.  The winner was the wily Doge of Venice, Angus Konstam, who convinced the other Venetian player to meet most of the military costs of their campaign.
Colin Jack - Spanish No 2 - demonstrating how not to roll saving throws - ouch!
All my 42 photos from the weekend are on Flickr at
Girolamo Savonarola burning - watched by amused Lutheran pikemen

Sunday, November 12, 2017


This weekend I travelled to the Targe 2017 show held at Webster’s High School Kirriemuir by the Kirriemuir Wargames club.  As for the past 2 years I was one of the judges for the display games and the painting competition.

The best display game was the Contemptible B’s First Carlist War game with its great looking terrain and figures and the best PP game was East Neuk’s unusual Iraq 1941 game.  Overall it was an enjoyable show and my only buy was 2 unpainted Spanish Battalions from Eagle figures for my Napoleonic Peninsular War collection.  A few of my show photos are below.  All of them are on Flickr at:

Battle of Falkirk by oddly enough Falkirk and District Wargames club

The Photo say it all - Leuchars Wargamers Fury PP game

East Neuk club - Iraq 1941- Best PP game

28mm M4 from the Fury game

Carlist War by the Contemptible B's - Best display

Huge 6mm Battle of Ramilles

Action in the 28mm Ruhr pocket - the ruins of Essen

Iron Brigades - Back of Beyond game - "Mom look at that rocket"

Martian war machines bestride the earthling defences

Thursday, November 2, 2017


In the past month I have added more troops to my Napoleonic collection.  These include a battalion of Russian infantry plus some Spanish Light infantry and Guerillas.  The Spanish were painted by my friend Kevin Bowman.  The Russians came painted from South Africa and I added some minor shading and rebased them.  This is my last unit of them as Richard who supplies them has finally run out of figures.  

The bases are from Martin at Warbases - the light troops are on 3mm thick 40mm circles the Russians on 2mm thick 40mm squares.  I use Javis static grass and Silflor tufts on top of model railway ballast.

Spanish Guerilla set from Eagle Figures

Eagle Figures early Spanish Light infantry set - one of 2 detachments

Russian line infantry - Rava figures.

Another angle - standard is from the Napoleon flag download

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


On Saturday I went to Dean bowling Club where Angus Konstam had organised a Trafalgar Day anniversary game.  It was a game involving all the ships of the line involved at Trafalgar fought using the Kiss Me Hardy rules but without the historical deployment.  Jack Glanville and John Ewing acted as the busy umpires. 

Each of the 12 players commanded a squadron of ships.  Overall the Franco-Spanish fleet held its own against the Royal Navy.  My 5 ship Spanish squadron lost one 74 struck to the British but my flagship the Santa Anna captured 2 British 74s.  The rules worked well in a huge action with half the players never having used the rules before.  It was an enjoyable event with cheap beer!

Rearmost squadrons closing

Spanish 3 deckers opening fire

British engage leading French squadron

Santissima Trinadad in action.  Note the  British have kept their tidy line.

Friday, October 6, 2017


On Sunday I went along to the Gothenburg Pub in Prestonpans for a 15mm AK47 extravaganza.  Tim Watson arranged the game and the scenario.  He also provided troops along with Derek Hodge, Jack Glanville and Dave O'Brien for the other players.  In all 13 players took part in a multi-sided chaotic back stabbing encounter of the worst/best kind.

View of the airport

The TV/Radio station

The vital port
My religious army of the ZITS provided by Derek engaged 3 opponents and then made peace with 2 of them.  In the end I think I came in 5th when we counted up the victories won and objectives controlled.  A good day in a venue with it's own micro-brewery.  Not bad at all. Just realised that this is my 295th post!
My troops gain the objective south of the airport

My infantry wipe out the interventionist armour - the centurion soon followed!

End situation at the TV station - carnage still going on
Tim has written a fuller report of the game on his blog at

Friday, September 22, 2017


This Wednesday at home I staged an unusual Wild West game.  I have just bought a collection of Play Mobil Wild West figures and scenery and I put together a game for 5 players using an amended version of the Rules with No Name.  The original rules are available now as a free download from Foundry.

View over the table from the town.
The 7 factions were the Townspeople, Outlaws, Indians, Confederate raiders, 2 units of US Cavalry and a marooned wagon party including 2 ladies.  The players were myself, Colin Jack, Donald Adamson, Dave O’Brien and Tim Watson.  The game was a complete surprise for them

Confederate raiders

Lieutenant Cohill and his trusty command
It was a fun game.  The first US unit commanded by Captain Nathan Brittles (Dave) was ridden down and wiped out by charges by the Indians (me) and the Confederates (Colin).  The Indian lancers proved especially deadly.  The second US unit under Lieutenant Flint Cohill (Donald) rescued the wagon party escorted them to town and then in a single rode down and wiped out the Colin’s outlaws who had been giving Tin’s towns people a hard time.

The dastardly outlaws - yes the mask had a special effect

The fierce Indians under Chief Buffalo Head with deadly lance and shield combination

The marooned wagon party - Miss Dandridge and Mrs Allshad
Next time we will use simpler rules - I think going back to Legends of the Old West that we have all played and enjoyed before.   Many years ago Colin and I staged a pirate game at the SESWC using his daughter Vicky’s collection.  Now his granddaughters are playing with those toys!
US cavalry troop 2 reach the marooned party

Things looking bad for Captain Brittles and his Apache scout

Lieutenant Cohill's troop ride down the outlaws

All my 24 photos of the game at:

Saturday, September 9, 2017


This was a busy wargaming week for me with four different games – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Monday at Falkirk Wargames club I played Dave Paterson in a FIW Muskets and Tomahawks game which I put together.  My British Rangers and Lights defeated Dave's  Indians defending a native village.  It was my only victory of the week and sadly I took no photos.

On Wednesday I went to Colin Jack’s and we played a Russo-Japanese game with Bill Millar, Dave O'Brien and Donald Adamson.  Bill, Donald and I commanded the Russians who held a ridge line with reserves against Colin and Dave.  It was a brilliant Japanese victory losing one unit whilst destroying the bulk of the Russian army.  We used Kevan Calders new Bonnie Blue Flag ACW rules.

Russian ridge line - Colin asleep in the background prior to the action

Cossacks charge home to their destruction
On Thursday I went to the SESWC and played a Black Powder AWI game of the Battle of Weitzel’s Mill 1781 which Angus Konstam organised.  Angus provided most of the troops while I provided 2 units.  Campbell and I commanded the Patriots whilst Ken and Bart commanded the British while Angus umpired.  The Patriots had a few successes breaking the Guard Light Infantry and the Legion cavalry led by Tarleton.  Hurrah! This success did not last long and they soon broke under the pressure of the British regulars and fled.  Angus has a full report on his blog at

Here a couple of my photos.

Patriot left wing

Tarleton leads the Legion to defeat against the Carolina militia
On Friday Dave Paterson came round to my place and we gave my Black Powder Battle of Saltanovka 1812 a second run through.  It proved a greater failure for the Russians than the first game with 6 of my battalions being broken.  Dave’s French did not lose a unit.
Never ending struggle for Fatova

Swiss infantry and French Carabiniers about to sweep my Russians back over the stream